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Quick Introduction

Abridge Me is a collection of abridgements of non-fiction books, mostly concerned with politics, economics and international development. At the outset, it was established as an open wiki, but the fact is that due to a lack of outside interest, it has remained the work of a single author since its creation in 2008. Editorial policy hasn't undergone a radical change of philosophy, but it seemed somewhat dishonest to present this work as a wiki collaboration when that has never been the case. That said, if you are interested in contributing in any way, you are most welcome to email abridgeme [at] gmail [dot] com.


Help on using the Dokuwiki system (on which Abridge Me is based) can be found in the following pages:

If you have comments, questions or abuse, you can email abridgeme at gmail dot com. The ”donate” link at the bottom of the page enables you to give money to the author of the wiki system that Abridge Me uses, Dokuwiki, in case that is something you might like to do. Maintainers of and contributors to Abridge Me will not receive any part of such a donation.

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